sexta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2024

She Was A Model Prisoner

You know the girl the fans call a queen? It's a known fact that many of them are in it for the "glamour", they're only the pretty face the public wants to see behind the jukebox. Trust me, some DJs don't even like music. I think she's not one of them, but a hater of hers on YouTube suspects she doesn't write any of her songs, that they're solely her producer's creations. I think he misunderstands the work of a producer, or maybe he can't believe the authenticity of the credits Spotify shows, since in the first years of her career it seems that all songs were indeed written by him or others for her to interpret. I'm sure she knows about his comment there.

I'm not a fan, so let's suppose she's a Marta Simlat. See through this point of view... a good looking singer can't do what Marta could do on a music video. If that were the case, perhaps some could still be seeing a genuine talent in her. I've already spotted an Instagram user making a comment on her profile that was exactly the same thought crossing my mind at that moment. I was like, "No way, she's taking the words out of my mouth, so it must be safe to say she is that person who believes in being singular". She knows about those words also, and I need to type only two for her to remember which one I'm talking about: just be.

I know that at least she writes the song titles. So what's your preference? Simplicity with potential for deepness, or an amazing shallow complexity? Someone who writes a few bright words, or someone who writes one million dark words, like a lost rapper that's only proving his or her ability to happily stay confined within the dimension of "riches" and "sex"? I've loved especially one that recalled me of the church, however not so much another I couldn't help linking with the "party" and the "church". Could it be that the word was in fact related to poison and self-destructive behavior, or I had nothing to worry about?

I'm always working to strengthen my mind and let not emotional wounds and scars make me lose my connection with reasonableness. If she believes the wholehearted logic is a fair idea of how to truly escape darkness, to her the word could just mean something else, and not the worldly "to relax", right? Having been made aware of that little trouble I was having and my question, she's coldly raised the song to the top though. Is it Rock? Well, if her intention was to ignore and hurt me, I can tell it's definitely foolishness and rock 'n' roll. The only difference would be that while they use an ocean of words, she was using only one, a drop.

Would someone driven by kindness and empathy behave like that? Like I said, I am no fan, and to fans their idols can say and do whatever they want, that they still remain "perfect". I've got a different definition of perfection, that involves repentance, humility, ambition, hard work. Parents who are fans of their children raise bullies. I had to deal with one of them who's ended up at the "church" after killing her father and has felt at "home". Why? Because the other "fathers" have never known how to educate her either. And thus she has found in that house a perfect territory for the "party".

God is pure goodness and pure severity. And you must train the balance between these two attributes, or else you'll fall from the Friendship into a sea of piranhas, and you'll be on your own.

Any real woman knows well these words I keep with me, it's easy for her to imagine them...

Take your Bow and shoot the Arrow; I'm ready to bleed for the Truth, myself and you if you hit my ego. But don't expect me to take up any fucking "cross" in the hallway and follow you anywhere down the hole like an immature, drunk and numb idolater, for I will always defend my true self against that bullet. I don't play any of the devil's games.