sexta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2024

His Goodness

It's hard being famous. People share all your stuff on the "social" network, and that's OK, actually it's great and desirable if it's to inspire others to join the Friendship, work to bear their own fruits. But my intuition tells me it's not always the case, that that other idea could even be the chief one on most minds. Whether I'm on IM or e-mail, I have to constantly remind myself that I can't have a private conversation. If the Love Tester indicates a level below sexy, it's likely going to leak. If the recipient is working to get Oil to fill his own tank, then there's hope of keeping your Present, otherwise sharing with others could mean only feeding "curiosity". I'm not the only one who has an invisible job that nobody sees, when no money and status appear on the radar. You're not among the ones who spread Dust unless you also eat Her for a living.

The only one who stands Out and is free from this behavior is Beth, given that she is on the professional Network and has a whole-Time killer job she loves. She won't leave a message unanswered, except if it's the bla bla bla kind from idle people. Driven by the ambition to grow in the Company, if the Subject is present, she will certainly work on all requests to deliver some wisdom. So, have you already reached her uncontrollable level or are you too busy pursuing another high one in the system?

I've believed in her without seeing first what she could do. I only hope the baby blues have been able to protect themselves from this stupid and vile world. Because from this Side I could not only read but also interpret what was inside of her. And if she watchfully crossed the stream of distraction deeper into the House, she now understands the same as I do. Yes, I know from the start the license plate that brings her to tears, a messenger of what church she is and what Network her profile fits in.

Uma rodada de Irene, por favor.

As pro pato têm que ser deep House; e pode cantar.